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Gillian Adamo was born and raised in Vancouver , British Columbia. At the age of 22 while traveling thru Asia she was taught how to do intricate leather braid work. Gscout uses American deer hides as well as, Spanish & Italian leathers. Each item is a unique form of art with an air of Gypsy Boho Chic. The Style of Gscout is cutting edge NYC Rock n Roll style with an a European flare. Each creation is handmade with one of a kind craftsmanship,  Gillian has taught her daughter, Cheyenne Jagger, the art of creating these bags. Cheyenne aka #jaggerforgscout is a jeweler of fine metals and gemstones incorporating metal hardware within the bags. Gscout is enjoyed by rockstars, healers, surfers and the girl who loves style. 

Gscout is simply, timeless art pieces that will last you a lifetime...

Scouts & Indians

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Gillian Adamo

If you live on Maui or have spent time here I'm sure you have been or heard of polipoli. It's up on Haleakala and its this beautiful road that winds up the mountain for hours! It's absolutely stunning you start by driving through grassy medows that smell sweet and dewy. As you start to get higher in elevation the terrain begins to get damp and foresty, it reminds me of being in the forests in Canada. There's this very slight mist that delicately lays low on the road and the trees that line it. As you get even further it begins to get dry and not so many trees, you begin to reach above the tree line and the plants are low shrubsand vines that intertwine with each other across the dry dusty dirt. 


I absolutely love it up there, I escape there whenever I can. It makes me feel like I can reset my whole system if I'm feeling off or just keep me moving along.....sanely!  It's the place I first kissed my first love, which was a magical experience. It's where I went after I found out I was pregnant with my little Coyote who never made it to this crazy world but now protects me from the other side. When I have questions I go lay in the grassy hills and let the bees whisper in my ear their secrets. 

photography by presley+jude

So you get the point it's freaking amazing....GO! 

Oh and did I mention it's loaded with Pueos?! (Owls) well it is and they fly around and hunt for mice! It's just amazing! 

Also as you drive up the road you pass Alii Kula Lavender Farm which is AMAZING! check out their website for directions and info , It's makes polipoli road smell of fresh lavender! They have the most stunning gardens and lavender puffs! Really that's what the lavender fields look like small purple and green cotton balls sitting perfectly on the reddish dirt of the volcanic hills they rest on. The sound of bees humming while they gather pollen from the blooming little bushes is a constant light buzz in the air. They have a lovely little gift shop you can walk through and buy yummy body creams, shaving creams, perfumes, you can get a lovely cup of tea and scones as well! 

photography by presley+jude

POLIPOLI is a lovely way to spend your morning or afternoon....or entire day like I do!  

I went up there a couple days ago for a nice brisk walk and found 3 PUEO FEATHERS!!! It was amazing! I have never found 1 before and I found 3!! I took that as a very good sign! I'm auspicious in that way though I'm all about magic, spells, love potions, and all those witchy things! Ha!  

This afternoon I found time to escape there again, it was raining and absolutely beautiful! its better when its raining I think:) There were all these snails crawling across the wet road, they were so peaceful and small! 

I'm telling you there's a new little gift waiting for me every time I go up there! And you too if you make it up there;)

It's a magical place and I just had to share that goodness with ya'll😊